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¡There's Power in STRENGTH!

Last weekend I went on a hike in LA and became stronger. Today, I wrote this original poem straight from the heart to help us keep our heads up. To encourage us to fight for what we believe. To lift us higher and remind us, we're STRONGER!

¡There's Power in Strength! 
Strength is owning your power appropriately using it for GOOD
Strength is recognizing that with tons of power comes an overwhelming amount of responsibility
Strength is intellect.
Strength is to behead your hubris and gun down your hate
Strength is realizing violence isn't beautiful
Strength is knowing fear isn't sensational 
Strength is LOVE
Strength is to see the truth
Strength is to speak the truth
Strength is to seek the truth
Strength isn't abuse
Strength is divide and conquer without division as a means to conquer
Strength is whole
Strength is building on a foundation of innovation
Strength is building confidence, hope, and optimism 
Strength is building the Home of the Brave 
Strength is the b…