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Who's... Mentoring You? (in my MJ voice)

The power of mentorship should never be underestimated. It's a tool that yields an unlimited supply of knowledge and opportunities - if you happen to find the right mentors and manage the relationships correctly. So how do you know if you've stumbled across [the one]? You may think a great mentor is someone who's obviously at a place in life that you're actively pursuing. Others may rely on having a mentor who shares their ideal characteristics but not necessarily the same ultimate goals in life. I believe it's good to have a mixture of both. I look for guidance from mentors who share both personality traits I admire as well as career paths I'm interested in. This isn't to say however, that opposites don't attract. Some of the best lessons I've learned have been from my relationships with avid engineers and passionate athletes which are both careers that don't necessarily spark my Forever Phase lol.

More important than who or what your mentor is…