Who's... Mentoring You? (in my MJ voice)

The power of mentorship should never be underestimated. It's a tool that yields an unlimited supply of knowledge and opportunities - if you happen to find the right mentors and manage the relationships correctly. So how do you know if you've stumbled across [the one]? You may think a great mentor is someone who's obviously at a place in life that you're actively pursuing. Others may rely on having a mentor who shares their ideal characteristics but not necessarily the same ultimate goals in life. I believe it's good to have a mixture of both. I look for guidance from mentors who share both personality traits I admire as well as career paths I'm interested in. This isn't to say however, that opposites don't attract. Some of the best lessons I've learned have been from my relationships with avid engineers and passionate athletes which are both careers that don't necessarily spark my Forever Phase lol.

More important than who or what your mentor is, is what you're actively seeking out of the relationship. I've found that when I have a clear set of goals (whether personal or professional) in a mentoring relationship, I'm much more successful at achieving positive outcomes. If you're wondering what goals you should set or how to be intentional with your mentor, I'm here to help! Here are three major keys (in my DJ Khaled voice) that should help you on your journey to a better mentor-mentee relationship.
  1. Ask about the mistakes your mentor has made and LEARN from them
  2. Encourage your mentor to push you outside of your comfort zone and stretch your thinking
  3. Tap into your mentor's network
So many people think it's mandatory to learn the hard way. WRONG! If your mentor has made a mistake, understand why they did and be sure you don't make the same error. Similar to machine learning, use your experiences and the experiences of your mentors to become better. 

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is definitely where the magic happens. Why not do it while you have the advice and guidance of someone you trust? A mentor can serve as your guardrails when it's time to venture to new heights in your Forever Phase. 

It's not always what you know - but who knows you! Your mentor is bound to have valuable connections that you should get to know. You'll not only learn tons of great information from your mentor's friends, but you'll also learn how to become a better networker. Find out how they became acquainted and you'll learn the best techniques to develop your own power circle.

At GMA with Robin Roberts, a good friend of one of my mentors 

Now you're all set! Get out there and start building intentional relationships with your mentors. Remember, it's not always who's... mentoring you (in my MJ voice) but how they're mentoring you. You have a lot more power over that how than you may think. 

"If you truly want success if doesn't have to be for a phase... it can be FOREVER!"

-Mr. FP 


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