Beginning with the End in Mind! Wishing you Happy Holidays & A Prosperous New YEAR!

As we kick off 2018, I want to inspire and empower all of you to step into 2018 with a renewed Forever Phase! This means fully realizing the power of YOU to change the direction of the path you're on -- or to create an entirely new one from scratch. Don't be afraid of the work involved if you select the latter option. Think of it as a new project, adventure, and opportunity to prove to yourself that you can put your mind to something and SEE IT THROUGH!

For me personally, 2018 is going to be all about beginning with the end in mind. I'm using this framework when approaching my job, speaking opportunities, relationships, networking, vacation planning, waking up in the morning lol and pretty much every aspect of my life. The end is SO important because it marks the completion of a task. If you can clearly visualize what you want the end to feel like, navigating the highs and lows of the journey becomes much more manageable.

Here's a quick exercise you can do to help you start the process of beginning with the end in mind:
  1. Think about 2018 and divide it into several goal categories that are really important to you e.g. Work, School, Social Activities, Fitness etc. 
  2. Pull out a calendar and select specific months to focus on each category - so January could be Fitness 
  3. Before you dig into January, think about that end goal and exactly what you envision it looking like e.g. losing 10 pounds and putting on those jeans you can no longer fit
  4. Next divide the month of January into short term goals that relate to your goal category 
    1. For fitness, it could look like this:
      1. 1st week - Complete new ab circuit everyday increasing reps by 5 each day
      2. 2nd week - Complete adjusted ab circuit and cardio routine 
      3. 3rd week - Complete adjusted ab circuit, cardio routine, and weight lifting 
      4. 4th week - Complete adjusted ab circuit, cardio routine, weight lifting and yoga
  5. All that's left now is the work! Tell yourself you're committed and willing to do what it takes to walk in that Forever Phase!
At the end of the month, take a look at your progress and whether or not you've achieved your end goal. If not, don't be discouraged - be proud of the fact that you didn't quit and keep it moving! You've still got 11 more months of beginning with the end in mind! 

~If you truly want success it doesn't have to be for a Phase but it can be FOREVER

-Mr. FP 


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