Pick Your Battles Wisely!

So recently I've been put into various situations (in and outside of work) where it's been very important for me to choose my battles. Yes, I used the word battle but not all of these situations have been physical. For example, there was a portion of my rent that I felt could be negotiated down due to the fact that my roommate and I aren't directly responsible for the expenses. I did some research on the expense which was correlated to our waste water bill and made the choice to fight the cost. I proved my case and the outcome was that expense being wiped from our bill. 

I'm sure you're already aware that not all battles go that way. Just a bit of experience with everyday life will teach you that. However, many more battles could go your way if you put a bit more work into the process of choosing whether or not to pursue them. This upfront analysis is critical in determining the outcome of you either becoming the winner or loser. 

Before any battle, you should make it your business to know all other people involved and their incentives to challenge you. What do they have to gain? What do they have to lose? What role do they play in your life? If you challenge them and win, will they have the power to make other experiences in your life worst? On the other hand, if you win this battle, could it put you in the position to never have to depend on them again? These are all questions worth exploring when researching the opponent(s). 

After assessing the battle from an external perspective, switch your lens and reflect internally. Think about your strengths and weaknesses with regard to the specific battle. Do you have what it takes? This portion of the analysis can be a bit tricky because self-doubt could prevent you from believing in yourself. This is when you need to be real with yourself and use your best judgement. To take the risk or not take the risk is always the question. At the end of the day, lean more towards trusting in your capabilities. You'll only know your true strength if you test your limits. 

In addition to thinking about if you're able to triumph, picture what you could gain if you're successful. This always brings a fuel of inspiration to the situation and can help push you to a more confident state of mind when making the final decision. However, just as important is considering what you have to lose by taking on the challenge. From money and reputation to time that could be spent on something more valuable - don't underestimate the negative impacts the battle could have.

This life is all about fighting daily. The battles will come whether you're ready or not. Nevertheless, there will occasionally be the opportunity for you to choose to create a battle. Make sure you take time to think critically about the situation before running into a decision. It could be the difference between you becoming the underdog or the CHAMPION!

"If you truly want success if doesn't have to be for a phase... it can be FOREVER!"

-Mr. FP 


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