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You want it all? Explore it ALL!

When I think about what I want out of life, there's never a specific image that pops into my mind that I can honestly pinpoint as my ultimate objective. Yes - I want to give back and change the world through inspirational entertainment, Yes - I want to become an innovator in the tech space and leverage all it has to offer, & Yes - I want that six pack by June  May 1st (rigorous goals never hurt right?)

With that being said, as humans, we have the tendency to look at our lives and the decisions we make as needing to be one way or the highway. Either you're going to get an MBA OR you're pursuing acting. Perhaps you're debating writing a book OR taking foreign language lessons. Maybe you're stuck between running a mile and going to McDonalds... okay I'm sure we all can agree the former is the healthier option! However, in the other cases I'd encourage you to Explore it ALL. Get that MBA while investing in some evening technique classes that'll land yo…