You want it all? Explore it ALL!

Exploring London
When I think about what I want out of life, there's never a specific image that pops into my mind that I can honestly pinpoint as my ultimate objective. Yes - I want to give back and change the world through inspirational entertainment, Yes - I want to become an innovator in the tech space and leverage all it has to offer, & Yes - I want that six pack by June  May 1st (rigorous goals never hurt right?)

With that being said, as humans, we have the tendency to look at our lives and the decisions we make as needing to be one way or the highway. Either you're going to get an MBA OR you're pursuing acting. Perhaps you're debating writing a book OR taking foreign language lessons. Maybe you're stuck between running a mile and going to McDonalds... okay I'm sure we all can agree the former is the healthier option! However, in the other cases I'd encourage you to Explore it ALL. Get that MBA while investing in some evening technique classes that'll land you in a production in the West End (London's version of Broadway).
Experiencing the excitement of Matilda in the West End
Let your imagination take off as you write the next New York Times best seller in both English and Spanish because you've invested in Rosetta Stone. Wherever your goals may be, find a way to bridge the gap and fulfill your dreams. It takes time and of course it'll take a lot of effort but think about how accomplished you'll feel once you've achieved 100% vs. 50% of your passion.

Personally, I'm also currently navigating this challenge. I want to completely LIVE my life instead of just being alive. I want to inspire the world through art and community engagement and I also want to invest in my technical skills to become a better entrepreneur. How am I racing toward my 100%? I take every opportunity I can to learn and grow in each of these areas while always prioritizing what needs to be done first. For example, this trip I took to London was originally a business trip (filled with work that would call upon my technical skills) but I saw it as an opportunity. Once the office closed, I knew I needed to explore the arts scene of the city to be inspired by creative minds from a different region.

So please, take some time and explore your options completely! Don't place barriers on yourself that limit your success. Also, if you're having trouble making decisions check out Decisive. It's a great read and has really helped me make better choices lately. Be Great and remember, if you truly want success it doesn't have to be a phase...but it can be FOREVER!

-Mr. FP


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